Heather Kinahan

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Born and raised in Alberta, I am fortunate to have been surrounded by beautiful landscapes and vast, ever changing skies. From the prairies to the mountains, presently living in Calgary, I am blessed with endless inspiration to create as an acrylic artist.  

My passion for painting was discovered through my love of learning and nature.  Each one of my paintings is a new experiment to see how colour, line and form work together.  Every painting provides a learning experience, comes with its own story and is an expression of my creative self.  

Creating art is a visual method of sharing a memory, thought or vision; all of which have the potential to elicit emotions and feelings.  Engaging with art is an experience, I hope my art has a positive impact on the human spirit. 

I believe we need to seize the opportunities life affords us; to continually learn and create beyond the edges of our own limits. Joy of living occurs with reflection and connection.  I share myself and my vision of the world we live in through the art I create.