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There isn’t a day I don’t remember loving to draw.  Starting to add color to my sketches didn’t happen until I received instruction in watercolor when I studied for my degree in Interior Design.  Learning to mix from 3 primaries has transferred into my acrylic painting as I still use a very limited palette and mix the colors I want - lending a certain softness to my work.  When I start a painting, my goal is to capture a sense of place, a memory,  or a connection with people.    I love good music, making amazing food, and the slower pace of life living in the country with my family.  I grew up on a farm and after a dozen years living in Calgary I feel very  privileged to be able to live in the country once again.  I especially love to paint landscapes as I love the peacefulness and the story they tell.  As life becomes more busy, I especially love painting scenes that remind us to enjoy God’s amazing creation!!