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Ian Danac is a professional Canadian artist who has dedicated his life to illustrating and preserving Canadian stories and memories while hijacking the Canadian flag as his megaphone. Ian Danac is an environmentalist and political commentator. He is in the process of writing a book about image and politics in Canada. ....Did Kelly Leitch lose the vote to be the next head of the Progressive Conservatives because she didn't understand the power of clothing? Did Justin Trudeau really get elected because of good hair? The book explores how Canadian politicians market who they are...ummm....want to be seen as. Born June 1964 in New Brunswick, CANADA. Educated at the Ontario College of Art, 1982 Designed clothes: 1992-1998 Created, marketed and toured with his independent feature length film from 1998- 2002; The dirty little movie. Invited to and attended 30+ film festivals throughout North America. Took a work deal in Washington DC and studied national art and design. Opened a boutique in the art and design district of Toronto ; 2004-2011 retailing his own jewellery and floral designs; BURST. 2016 decided to paint and photograph full time. Ian Danac has had his work displayed in magazines and newspapers. Private Canadian collectors own many types of his work. 
 Artist Statement My work is often like a one sided game of Scrabble. I deal myself basic variables and I form images. My muse is currently Canada. My work is involved. The levels I must achieve to create my ideals are labour intensive. I work full time as a professional artist. I accept all commissions.