Janet Nash

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Janet Nash has been drawing with pen & ink for over 25 years.

She followed her three sons around Southern Alberta for thirty years, cheering them on while they played hockey, baseball, and football. Two of the boys played college hockey, so travel went across Western Canada and south to Colorado and California.

During a drawing class she taught, Janet set up a still life of the items a hockey player uses for a pick-up game on the closest sheet of ice. This is called "shinny". No one chose to draw this arrangement so when it came time to take it down, Janet decided to sketch it herself. She gave the finished picture to one of her sons. In the following months she received requests to do similar sketches using sweaters of different NHL® teams, thus the series was born. She likes to think that "After Shinny" will bring back precious memories to young and old fans alike, of their passion for the game of hockey and their favorite NHL teams.

Janet Nash also works in oils, pastel, graphite, charcoal, and scratch board. Her specialty has been old buildings, existing farm sites and homes, in pen & ink.

She studied under the late Dick van den Hoogen in Calgary, Alberta, and John Compton. Janet's drawings and paintings are in private collections all over the world.