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Award Winning Saskatchewan Artist Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet.

One of the pleasures in creating art is when people express their appreciation of your art. That is the nicest compliment an artist can receive and that to me is success.
Although I have won many prestigious awards, it’s the challenge to create something more beautiful with every subject that appeals to me.

Being an artist isn’t a get rich venture, it’s a passion to create and it is very difficult for me when other commitments take me away from my art. Being self-taught is an interesting challenge; canvases periodically end in the trash. When I can capture the image on canvas that I am working at achieving, I feel alive and I just want to dance.

Born and raised in the small French community of St. Denis, SK, Jeanne d’Arc was determined to learn to create art. Her determination has paid off. She has learned to create softness with her art that she describes as a ‘Butterfly Kiss’. “What I like to project in my paintings is a softness that will bring joy and tranquility to the viewer.”

Canadian artist Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet was born and raised in the small farming community of St. Denis, Saskatchewan. Jeanne d’Arc  is passionate when it comes to art, especially when she can incorporate orchids in her paintings. Although she has worked with acrylics and watercolours, Jeanne d’Arc still prefers to work with oils