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Joanne is a Canadian artist living in Temiscaming, Quebec.  She has lived in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta working as a Physiotherapist. Her journey to becoming an artist only started in her thirties after joining an art club while working in Whitecourt, Alberta. Busy with work and children at home, art was initially a  hobby but soon developed into more, the start of a career in art. It was the artists living in Whitecourt, Alberta who inspired her the most to embark on a journey of learning, creating and engaging in the world of art.  

Joanne took a few courses that were offered in Whitecourt by professional artists traveling in from Edmonton but most of what she learned was through reading and practice. During the earlier years (1998), Joanne embarked on commissioned works in graphite and colour pencil, enjoying the ability to create beautiful detail and depth of colour through layering and blending. She also worked in acrylics after taking a decorative painting course, which allowed her to establish her love for designing and  painting Christmas ornaments, which she continues to do today: Holly Berry Shoppe.  

She moved to Temiscaming, Quebec in 2000 and put art on the back burner for 12 years, devoting her  time to family,  working as a Physiotherapist, an aerobic instructor, personal aide and then having her fourth child at the age of 42. It was in 2012 Joanne resumed her passion for painting with focus and determination to develop her artwork and create a career in art.

Presently Joanne exhibits her work in her own home studio in Temiscaming, teaches art classes to children and adults, and continues to do commissioned pencil and colour pencil portraits as well as custom paintings for private collections. Over the past few years she has focused her art on developing a consistent style, focusing on subject matter that is dear to her heart: nature.

Joanne’s other artistic pursuits are: working on a line of hand painted bangles that reflect her passion for bold colours and love of nature, developing a business in window painting which she has done since her early Whitecourt  days and embarking on a career in art therapy , hoping to complete a Master’s level diploma through the Toronto Art Therapy Institute by June 2017.