Judith N. Brooke

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Judith N. Brook Lic. Esthetician, RMT, M.F.Phys. Author, Artist. I am a self-taught artist, influenced by the need to express myself and nature.  In my 20s I began creating images with charcoal and pencil on any surface I could find, then graduated to oils. 

Life activities changed how I expressed my artistic skills. I won many awards as a professional make-up artist, a different kind of canvas. I built and renovated houses, decorating them with paintings directly on the walls.  My yard became my canvas:  shrubs, flowers, ponds, fruit trees,  resulting in a number of awards locally and across Canada. 

In 2010 I began working with pastels.  Frustrated with the lack of available colors in my area, I bought acrylic paints and small canvas.

In 2015, I found an artist, Maureen Newton,  who offered drop-in sessions at her Inspire Gallery, to guide me when I needed help.  From there I grew, experimenting in styles, colors, canvas size and subjects. 

I enjoy the fine details of my subject, but I have also discovered the freedom of the abstract. Most of my paintings are:  from my imagination, observing nature’s ways but not copying them, or,  inspirations from other artists.