Judy Horan

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Drawing, painting & music have always been my passions.  They were my focus in high school and beyond . . . but then I worked in corporate Canada, as I never saw the possibilities of a career in art.
Working for others, I was asked and always took on the artistic projects as needed.  In corporate meetings, I made more doodles than notes.
Circumstances change though . . . and I am now following my passion.  I am teaching and coaching art & trying to devote as much time as possible to my own creations . . . making up for lost time, as they say.
The music is always on, sometimes only in my head (lol), but it still offers a great setting for relaxing & painting.  I love nature walks & always carry my camera, just in case.
I tend to have several paintings in progress at once;  a watercolour on my drafting table, an acrylic painting on an easel and a pen & ink drawing in a folder that I can take anywhere and work on at any time.
Nature and particularly fog are my favourite type of creations and most all of my works have a quiet, serene feel and have been displayed in waiting rooms, executive offices and any room in your house.  They are meant to encourage a quiet serenity.

Originals & prints are available .  I encourage you to view my personal website or contact me for more information.  I hope you are having an outstanding day!