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  Born and raised in Owen Sound , Ontario, Judy loved to draw from the time she was old enough to hold a pencil.  In school the person who would become her greatest influence on developing her creativity was her art teacher Kay Fisk.   (Kay  was Tommy Thompson’s niece)   By the time Judy was in grade eight Ms Fisk had her create a mural for the school with oil pastels.

In 1964 in her mid teens, she and  her family moved west to British Columbia  and her art got forgotten about and left behind.   Life went on, and years flew by and before she knew it 50 years had passed.

In 2014 she attended a retreat in Hawaii that rekindled her passion and  love of art. There she was introduced to two island artists,  David Jimenez and Francine Hart.
David had the participants each pick out three colours of paint to work with.  They then  placed the canvas on the ground and poured the paint onto it.   Afterwards the canvas was pitched through the air like a frisbee , retrieved, then dried it in the sun.   The next day they took a paintbrush and with the prominent colour on their paintings,  pulled what they saw out of the formations.   (Like when you were little, you  laid on your  back looking at clouds and you see stuff in them.......Sparking the imagination).

Francine Hart does fractal art using sacred geometry.  This Judy found fascinating and after  returning  home she sought out her ruler, compass, protractor, paper and pencils.   Every spare moment over the next couple of years you would find her creating fractal art.

In 2015 she purchased a canvas and painted her first ever oil painting.   Her mother had given her some oil paints about 10 years earlier but she felt intimidated and never got around to trying them out.

  In 2016 her oldest daughter gifted her by signing the two of them up for some drawing and watercolour classes at the Artists’ Co-op Workshop and Gallery.   She ended up joining the Co-op that year and hasn’t looked back.  Before CoVid shut everything down, you would find  her attending or teaching classes three to four days per week. The mediums  she chooses to work with are Watercolours, graphite, Pen & Ink, Watercolour Pencil and her favourite... Oil.

Currently she is a volunteer teacher for the Co-op.  Since the pandemic she is teaching for them on-line  on Zoom as well as creating away in her home studio.

She says  "I feel like I am home.... my head, hands and heart are busy creating and the joy it brings is fulfilling (especially in these days of world turmoil). There does not seem to be enough hours in the day when I start on a project.  I catch myself lots of nights up into the wee hours  .... brush, pen or pencil in hand. That trip to Hawaii has forever changed my life."

“Even if you are not an artist, nor ever expect to become an artist, if you can see like an artist, your life will forever change.”   author -Tommy  Thompson