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     Kathi Dunphy decided to become an artist someday when caught drawing a caricature in class of her nasty grade 8 French teacher, who then proceeded to denigrate her in front of her peers. It was actually a good likeness. Early influences can indeed inform life directions. She landed in NSCAD in the later 1960’s as the year’s tuition was an astonishing $240.00 at that time. Year one was lovely fun with clay sculpture and metals and dabbling in paints and design… which led to year 2 and an ill-advised decision to focus on commercial art which was a terrible fit, and with the attention span of the proverbial gnat, off she diverged into the wide world for decades of creative adventures, including rearing children liberally sprinkled and splashed with paint… Until old age began creeping up and she thought it time to get a bit serious about the painting lark…so the last dozen years she has turned out loads of watercolors and lately a bunch of acrylics , and thank heavens someone has invented water soluble oils without the fumes, because in the last  year ws oils have become her all time favorite painting medium.

        Kathi’s favorite subjects are the things she cares about; animals, the earth and sea, certain remarkable people, and ideas that percolate in the wakeful dark. With a group of local St Martins, NB artists to paint and natter with and the beautiful Bay of Fundy nearby to inspire, what more could any artist desire ?


Kathi Dunphy