Keath Lengle

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“Painting is not so much a choice I feel I made, but rather a calling that chose me.” A self-described simple soul, painting is a medium that allows Keath to fully immerse himself into his work, to the point that time appears to stand still. “When painting, a gap is created—I have no thoughts of the past, no attachment to the future; the present moment is all there is,” is how Keath explains his process.

A born and bred Edmontonian, Keath achieved his Bachelor of Fine Art degree with a major in painting and double minor in sculpture and drawing from the University of Alberta in 1993. Since then, Keath’s work has been featured in multiple galleries and shows in Edmonton. Currently, he focuses mainly on commission work.

Keath Lengle paints mainly still life, landscape and portraiture. He derives inspiration from his travels to Europe and from classical European painters. His medium is acrylic and oil. Keath’s philosophy about artistry is that everybody has a unique voice in this world; by expressing his inner voice, he is trying to have a dialogue to reach the viewer, and invites them to bring their feelings and experiences to the work. What he shows on the canvas is a summons for the viewer to get in touch with their inner world.