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Artist Keith McPherson was born in Windsor, Ontario but only spent a few weeks there before moving on to Toronto. He was to spend a few years in Toronto before being sent to Victoria, British Columbia.  From Victoria it was on to Edmonton, Alberta. It was there that he grew to become an artist and now call Sherwood Park his home.

My artistic beginnings began with pencil and ink sketches of fellow students in grade school before gradually moving on to political cartoons, watercolors, and pastels.  It wasn't until I became a student of  Gene Prokop and Ann Waeland that I began to seriously study and explore the techniques of the old masters and now paint exclusively in oil.

Human dignity and three aspects of human relationships with their inherent struggles,  present themselves as common themes throughout my paintings. 

Our relationship with Nature (The Natural World)
Our relationship with Technology
Our relationship with Ourselves (Human Nature)

I continue to explore the idea that men and women always have, and always will, struggle with and eventually control all aspects of nature.  This is why the statement by Pythagoras that "Man is the measure of all things" holds so much meaning to me as an artist.