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Canadian Artist Kevin Orr creates nature and wildlife art. Pet portraits include dog portraits, cat portraits and uses pastel and watercolour as his medium of choice. His love of wildlife and the outdoors was greatly inspired by his upbringing in British Columbia where, as a young boy, he was enthralled by all the wildlife that he regularly encountered.

“Nature and wildlife are the purest forms of beauty and innocence found in the world, in my opinion. I find tremendous peace in nature and, when encountering wildlife in their natural habitat, I almost revert back to a child, staring and bursting with excitement.”


In his early twenties, Kevin discovered a medium he had never used before - pastels. This revelation began a new chapter in Kevin’s life in which he created some of his most beloved and popular pieces. Through experimenting and working with different mediums, Kevin recently established an entirely new style of artwork using watercolour. He enjoys balancing the intricacies of pastel with the freedom of watercolour.


Kevin currently resides in Southern Alberta and his artwork can be found on his personal website