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Original and commissioned paintings in watercolour and oil paint. Inspired by nature and equestrian sport!

I am proud to come from a family of artists-whether their medium be words, instruments or paint, and I'm glad they gave me the confidence and support to forge my own path. I studied at the School of Art at the University of Manitoba, and now paint from my home studio in a small town near Riding Mountain National Park- a source of endless inspiration. 

I moved around a lot as a child, but I spent the bulk of my teenage years on my grandma's rural Manitoba farm, living out a dream of owning, riding and competing horses. I spent those years studying their phsyiology, behaviour and quirks, and now I can put that knowledge into my work, making my pieces intimately familiar for those who know and love these animals. I explore different themes in my personal pieces, but I always seem to come back to equine art. 

In my commissioned work, I aim to capture as much of my subjects character in one image as possible, whether that subject be a horse, dog, family member, or even a car! I will work with you closely to ensure that I am able to send you a precious memory that you and your family can treasure for generations. I work in watercolour or oil paint, to suit different tastes, styles and budget!

My original pieces explore beauty and detail in nature. I love to get up close to find unique perspective, and experiment with colour, texture and dimension to suit the modern home. I aim to blend traditional portraiture with contemporary tastes.  I am now dedicating more time to illustration, and I'm looking for high quality, sustainable products to feature them!