Linda Lee Kelly

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Born in Calgary in 1960 and transplanted to British Columbia in the  mid-seventies, Linda now resides in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, centre of the Sunny Okanagan  Valley. 

A classic "horse crazy kid" from the time she could ride her  rocking horse, Linda continues to be enthralled by horses and all animals.  Having owned and ridden horses for more than thirty years, she has a natural  feel for sculpting them. Adding people and other animals to her compositions opened a wide range of possibilities for Linda, and she continues to find creative ways to present them in bronze.

Always a top student in Art throughout school, Linda is nonetheless a primarily self-taught sculptor. With the help of the foundry artisans (who are generous in their sharing of knowledge), and participation in a very thorough Bronze Mold Production & Casting Workshop, Linda enjoys continuously learning more about this ancient medium. Currently Linda does most of her own wax chasing, and having access to a local foundry, is able to be present during various stages of the casting process.

During the Calgary Stampede, in which Linda participated from  1999 – 2002, she worked almost continuously, completing many pieces including  the mountain for a complicated "CAT-ASTROPHE". This garnered a lot of attention,  and prompted many questions about the process of bronze casting, from start to finish. 

Participation in shows such as the Kamloops Cowboy Festival provides Linda with additional time to sculpt, and many visitors remark that they remember seeing Linda at work on the very pieces that are displayed in their finished form! With each piece she creates, she learns more about the subjects. For instance, when she joined the Kamloops Cowboy Festival in 2005,  Linda learned why Real Cowboys wear Wranglers®.  With new pieces in process and plans for many more coming to mind  all the time, Linda’s career as a sculptor continues to grow.