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Artist Lisa Lawrence
Lisa's journey as an artist started at an early age with her paintings in school and was nurtured by a special teacher who inspired and supported her during these early years.

Many of her early paintings focused on her special love of animals however it wasn't until later in life and an initial course with Art Instruction Schools in 1987 did she begin to realize the path that she wanted to travel.

Despite the changing scenery of life through the years, Lisa never lost sight of her dreams even though a decade later a new chapter would be written. This part of her journey continued in England where she moved with her husband and four children in 1999 which started her love affair with landscapes.

The English Countryside became an inspiration and reinvented the artist within. This culminated in her studies with the London Art College in 2007 where she was awarded a pass with merit for her submissions. Following her return to Canada, Lisa continues to combine her passion for animals and landscapes when seeking inspiration for her new works.

In 2014, Lisa realized her dream as an artist when her "waiting for my friend" submission was part of a select group included in the Love, Loss and Loyalty: Community reflections exhibition as part of the nationally recognized Wait For Me Daddy memorial unveiling in New Westminster, BC where she now resides.