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Lorinda Antonello is a professional artist born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She now lives in Alberta, exploring and travelling this beautiful country with her husband. 

Antonello's works are recognized for their realism, intensity of colour and dramatic sense of light. Boldly exploring all media, she has shown herself to be an artist without limits or boundaries. 

Lorinda has been devoted to teaching, and has enjoyed a range of students from 7 to 87 during her 20 years of teaching.

Her works have captured the attention of many, including corporate, private and public collections.

Antonello is a chosen featured artist in the publication: " Nova Scotia's Contemporary Artists" Vol 11, page 7.

Mission Statement: 

I believe I am privileged to have my passion to be an integral part of my everyday life. As a woman and an artist, I see beauty in the pedestrian. the pauper and the princess each have their special story, each story valid and worthy of expression, it is these expression of humanity that compel me to capture and translate their stories, their faces, their lives.

Her most recent body of work is focus on Women of Canada, namely "Rediscovered Women". This series is based upon photos Lorinda has gathered from antique shop spanning the east coast to the west coast of our beautiful country canada. Adding a splash of colour and a dash of humour, Lorinda breathes new life into these forgotten women, reimagining their lives and rediscovering their importance in our history.