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Exploring the mountains, lakes/rivers, experiencing wildlife during all four seasons is not only for creative ideas. It is where I am the most at peace, where I can recharge my batteries and also the driving factor as to why I moved to Northeast BC. I am now nestled between two beautiful lakes I enjoy the inspiration of nature and the wildlife daily. Growing up in an artistic environment of painters, architects, interior designers, gallery owners, professional framers and photographers I was heavily influenced and encouraged to create art with a variety of mediums always returning to my favorite Watercolours. Within that same environment and having deep family roots in Jasper and Mt. Robson they became my favorite stomping grounds. Majority of my free time is spent camping, hiking and canoeing which allowed me to experienced some of the most amazing scenic areas in Western Canada. Realizing how few will ever experience what I have seen I am compelled to share them. Often I only have time for a quick note and sketch so I learned early on to take better photographs while I am exploring. The majority of my painting is done during the cold winter months which leads to a great deal of time in isolation however I find balance with teaching, holding workshops and a few art shows. Be safe, be well, be kind. "]