Lucy J Bates

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                  Art has been a hobby of Lucy’s for many years.  After majoring in art in high school and graduating in 1957, she attended the Vancouver School of Art.  (It has since been replaced with the Emily Carr University of Art & Design). There she studied Composition, Design, Commercial Design, Sculpture and Drawing. She took night-school classes in oil painting and pottery which served her well in later years.  While she was living in Ontario and her children were a little more independent, she enrolled in a watercolour class and found it very much to her liking.  Lucy has been painting in watercolour since then (1990).  From Ontario her husband was transferred to Calgary. While living in Calgary her work in watercolour was developed through books, workshops and three years of study with a teacher at the Doug Swinton Art Supplies, Instruction & Framing.

                After retirement, she and her husband moved to her home town in southern British Columbia.  They bought a church and renovated it into a home and home gallery.  She regained her love for oils and worked in that medium for over ten years.  Spruce Grove has been her home for the last four years and since has changed to painting in acrylics.  She found that working with acrylics to be the most forgiving medium in which to work and continues to enjoy it.  She likes to work fast and acrylics allows her to do this.

        Lucy and her husband have raised ten children.  She was an at-home mom and painted a little as time permitted.  They lived in several places including three years in the Tongan Islands.  Her husband was also an artist (psychologist by profession) which gave them some fun times together.  She is now 80 and holding her own quite nicely.