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Luke William Hodgson was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Luke became interested in art at a young age and started drawing and painting regularly by age 8. Luke is influenced by the farmland, forests, lakes and scenery growing up in Ontario.  Luke’s work is also influenced by the scenery of Azores, Portugal, remote islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between Newfoundland and mainland Portugal. Luke travels to the islands frequently to visit family.

Luke is a member to a group of 30 other young artists from around the world led by two leading experts based in New York and Boston who have spent their entire careers studying gifted young artists.  Luke's has sold his artwork to a wide variety of clients including individuals, corporations and private collectors.

Self taught, Luke uses a variety of mediums and like’s creating diverse works from cityscapes and rural landscapes to waterscapes and seascapes. Luke’s work can be both sensitive and impressionistic as well as expressionistic using his signature use of bright and vibrant colours. Luke takes inspiration from influential artists such as Vincent van Gogh as well as modern artists like Kieron Williamson. 

It's important to Luke to give back and support his community.  In 2019, he started "Luke's Community Fundraising" program.  The program was established to raise money for worthy causes from the sale of Luke's artwork.  The program has raised over $25,000 for many great causes.