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Lynda A. Baxter has been working with artists since developing in 1999

In her early 20's she began to paint in watercolours, while living in the awe inspiring area of Swan Hills in Northern Alberta. She would travel the cut lines and back roads taking source pictures to paint. She started to paint weekly with the well known and loved, Gerry Kruse from Barrhead Alberta, trying to learn her famous painting style of the Swan Hills scenery. She continued to take lessons with the very talented Sharon Lynne Williams who also lived there in the early 1980's. 

Painting in watercolour was exciting! The techniques she learned and the love of the scenery captured her heart.  She'd have solo shows in the local library and sell Swan Hill scenes to those leaving town or upon their retirement. Old, rusty abandoned trucks and decrepit falling down wooden structures, are other subjects she enjoys to paint. When Sharon moved to Calgary, Lynda took over teaching small groups in watercolour with the continuing education program.

In 1986, with two small children to raise, Lynda had less and less time to devote to painting and finally stopped all together, but the passion she had never left her. While working as a production accountant in Calgary, she started working on the side with an up and coming .com company. She learned skills in seo marketing, website development, project management and content writing. In 1999 she formed her own company, and in 2001 she incorporated to Art In Canada Inc. and developed the first website design of three, for

With technology changing, it was time to keep up with mobile websites, and once again Art In Canada underwent a major change in technology. 

This change did many things.

Firstly, the website became mobile friendly. 

Secondly, and a huge undertaking with the programming and development, the artists can now sign up and manage their own homepage, adding their profile picture, biography, artwork, social media links, and video links. Artists can become a verified AIC Artist and do an online interview so viewers and potential buyers can get more of a take on who they are and how they got to where they did. Artists can do additional advertising on the main page and manage what piece of art they want to showcase on the main header, or right side advertising area. If and artist has their own website already, great!! Having a homepage on AIC links to your website on every page, driving more traffic to their website. If an artist hasn't taken that leap to have their own website, having a homepage gives you great exposure on a professionally marketed art website without the cost involved of developing a website and marketing package, getting a domain and having your site hosted.

Lynda has never taken commission for any art sold through her site, and that will never change.

Something has ignited a huge spark inside of her again, and she has taken her paints out, set up her studio and is starting over with the basics. She's excited to be back painting again and will continue to market artists as she always has.