Marc Dmytryshyn

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Marc Dmytryshyn is a Quebec artist and has had a life long interest in art. Marc creates unique works of art in several disciplines ranging from abstract to realism.

His art tells a story, reflecting personal memories and moments in his own journey.

'My first goal with a painting is to touch the heart and spirit of the viewer, to share my inspiration'

For Marc, the success of a painting is the level of communication achieved with the viewer.

Originally from Stoney Creek, Ontario, he now lives in St Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec - a diverse area that offers abundant artistic inspiration.

Marc is a self taught artist, though he deeply appreciates other artists and has been influenced by the art of Robert Bateman, John Serrry Lester, James Michael Smith and the french impressionists.

'Art is soul and spirit expressed'

Marc Dmytryshyn is influenced by several noted artists including Robert Bateman, John Serry Lester, James Michael Smith and the impressionists.