Marilyn Lambert-Gerwing

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Marilyn Lambert Gerwing is a  Canadian Representational painter.
Her Love of light & Shadow, depth & form are on full display in her figurative & still life paintings. 
She is equally adept with oils, watercolour, drawing media including pastel & charcoal pencil.Inspired by the human connection to the spirit realm, her work exudes a mystical aura of profecy about to manifest.
To keep her drawing skills fresh, she attends life drawing sessions & spends spring & summer months painting en plein air. Her still life paintings are created from life  & she spends many hours setting up the arrangements, adjusting the lighting until she is ready to begin the painting process. 
If using photo references, all work is done freehand with no mechanical aids. After a 20 year career in the oil & gas sector she retired to paint full time in her home studio.