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My training and interest in art started in grade seven, where my art teacher instilled the initial spark of interest in art.  This interest really started to ignite in university when I obtained special permission from the dean of Engineering to take a full-year pre-requisite course for fine arts as my humanities option (the only request for this type of course they ever had to that point).  This whetted my appetite to do more exploring in the fine arts.


Late 1986, I decided to try to experience painting again.  I studied under Jack Rigaux for several years into the early 1990’s.  In 1997, I resumed my studies under Karen Swearengen, where I continue today.  Recently, I also started studying under Michelle Grant in order to expand my understanding in terms of the animal world.


I have traditionally focused on landscapes/seascapes ranging from Alberta, British Columbia, the Canadian Maritimes and parts of the United States.  I have also had the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean and South America.  These areas have formed the core of my work to-date.  Under Michelle Grant, I have now started to add more wildlife and horses to my portfolio.


My work is on display in Residences in both Canada and the United States.  Several corporations have purchased one or more pieces for their collections.