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Canadian artist, Michelle DeSouza Dermott has been playing in art most of her life. She grew up all over Canada, but has called beautiful British Columbia home for over two decades. An English teacher by day, she is inspired by her love of literature, the poetry of music, and the rhythms of nature to paint her interpretation of the world and her imaginings. Sometimes realistic and other times highly fantastical, her unique renderings are often characterized by bursts of bright colour and intense moods. 

September 2021 -- The new floral collection is out.  A mix of abstract expressionism and loose watercolours give these pieces more movement and intensity than my earlier floral work.  I hope you enjoy the evolution.  As always I strive to make owning original art affordable all floral originals have been priced from $40.00 - $55.00.   You can contact me via text, phone or email if you'd like an original, or stop by Willow and Wallflower in Port Moody for a print that's just as pretty.  

Unframed originals ship free anywhere in Canada.

You can always also check out my Instagram @rubyandsmoochdesigns for a quick view of my newest paintings; I update Instagram more frequently.  

Sorry, all commission slots are booked till March 2022.    Thank you for your patronage!