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“Art is something that has brought me much happiness in my heart and mind as far back as I can remember. I hope to continue creating art as long as I live and there is still beauty in nature to behold!”

Alberta artist Pamela Bergen, has been passionate about art from a child, beginning with her school tablet and a #2  yellow pencil.

A lifetime later she bears a seasoned knowledge and experience that started out with wonder, observation and a tender heart for wildlife.   Occasionally Pamela paints domestic animals, birds, still life and also a few portraits of the human kind!  

After moving to Canada in 2004 she began taking professional art workshops taught by internationally acclaimed artists such as; Daniel and Adam Smith, John Banovich, Edward “Ned” Aldrich, Gregg Kreutz and Brian Davis.

Among her awards, she shares that her favorites  are winning  “People’s Choice Award”.  She declares that oil is her favorite medium but also enjoys acrylic and soft pastels.

Pamela is also a facilitator of art workshops where she resides in southern Alberta with her husband Allen. When she's not painting in her studio (her sanctuary), she can be found photographing wildlife and other reference material for future projects.

 “I consider myself blessed that my family always cheered me on and offered encouragement to follow my dreams of creating art! One earliest memory was riding in the back of my parents ‘55 Chevy watching the sunlight on the trees thru the open car window and thinking about all the different colors I observed and wondering how I could paint that someday. That journey continues with each stroke of the brush and every completed painting. My joy of art  and the pursuit  of my next project  leaves me with not  a chance of ever being bored.”