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Alberta artist Pamela Copeland has a passion for pastels.  While her love of art has always been near at hand, she credits a large part of her development as an artist to Ron Wigglesworth, an instructor at the University of Alberta, Extension Faculty.  Ron truly introduced Pam to the lush world of pastels in 2000 and he would also become a friend and mentor to her.  Under his guidance, Pam discovered that she loved the tactile and sensual nature of pastels.  They are the primary medium Pam works in and she feels in tune with their direct application and the rich pigment.  "It is as if the color flows directly down through my arm and out my fingertips, as though it were coming right from me.  It is entrancing and I am lured again and again to delve into that intense world."

Mixed media and mono prints are also part of of Pam's repertoire, again, introduced by Ron Wigglesworth.  Her first completed show, "Voice", is a series of intimate moments in the lives of women, captured in ink mono prints and words.  "While I have only dabbled in the world of printmaking, my experiences have been more than enough to whet my appetite for further experimentation.  The possibility for further abstract creativity is a dynamic draw for me, and pushing my own limits just seems logical with printmaking and mixed media."

After 25 years in the woods and foothills around Edson, the family moved to Claresholm for over 10 years.  At present Pam and her husband live near Halkirk, Alberta and the area gives her all new landscapes to be mesmerized by.  An animal lover at heart, Pam, Bob and daughter Kaylyn, care for 2 dogs, 2 cats and 6 horses, on their acreage.