Roberta Murray

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Roberta Murray is a multi-discipline artist working in painting, drawing, and photography. She is a full member of the Alberta Society of Artists, a juried member of the Federation Of Canadian Artists, and the Oil Painters of America. She is a born and raised 5th generation Albertan with strong ties to the land and animals that inspire so much of her work. Her work carries an old world charm that often results in comparisons to artists of the past like Turner, Degas, Boudin, and Corot. It is this classic quality which gives the paintings a timelessness that will continue to hold and makes it popular with art buyers around the world.

"Painting, drawing, and photography are a means for me to create my own world; a world that takes me on a journey to places real and imagined – destination unknown. I don't strive to create realistic depictions of the people or scenes. My aim is to create an emotional response in the viewer that goes beyond what is readily understood."