Sheila Chubak

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I was born and raised on a farm in Northern Saskatchewan. 

Growing up I did a lot of sketching mostly of horses and landscape scenes.

I have always loved living in the rural areas and enjoy going horseback riding, ATV's, camping, fishing and of course painting.  The outdoors have always filled me with a sense of calm and awe.  It is where I feel most inspired to paint, hoping to capture not only the beauty of what I see but the feeling as well.

I really enjoy doing many different scenes and painting just for the joy of it.  My paintings range in subject widely, as I paint what speaks to me.  It is a very special feeling to actually accomplish the picture as I want it to be. 

When someone looks at one of my works and says "I want that to hang on my wall" I feel a sense of thankfulness and gratification.  Then I have really accomplished something.

Now that my kids are grown with kids of their own, I have the time and space to go back to the things that inspire me... just for myself.  And to share them with the world.