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Pet and Equine artist Sheila Stienley was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, then moved to Swift Current, Saskatchewan when she was 6.

"I was a city girl with a country heart, but was able to enjoy many summers on my Grandparents farm (2 1/2 hours away) where there was always horses to ride as it seemed impossible to ever own one myself. Those summer vacations turned into a lifelong passion for me. Just before my 16th birthday, I finally was able to buy my first horse from the money I earned while working for my Dad's janitorial business."

Riding horses wasn't enough. She was also drawing them.

"I'm not sure why or how I got started in art, but my earliest recollection would be from the "Billy & Blaze" books by C.W. Anderson. I loved the artwork in them & studied on how to achieve the same likeness."

Over the years she has worked with pencil, pastels, & coloured pencil, & pen.

"I can achieve more detail with them in a realistic style than I can with a brush. I have basically taught myself all I know without any formal training in art.

These days I have gotten away from pencils & pastels, but still enjoy working with coloured pencils & pens. I'm still drawing horses, but have also done dogs, cats & some wildlife as well.

In September 1986, my dream came true!! I finally moved to the country with my husband & children.

Riding my horses & drawing them is a lifelong passion that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world."