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My interest in art started in high school in Saskatoon, where I took art classes from a gifted artist, Ernest Lyndner, whom I greatly admired.

I was 16 then, now I’m 91 and still painting and I’m enjoying it now more than ever. It just proves, age doesn’t matter, but it makes the joy of painting all the more precious.

I love to paint in detail, animals and faces, hoping to capture that special look and the glint in the eyes.

Most of my painting has been self taught over the years when I was home with my two daughters while my husband traveled and was away a lot with is job. It was a great pastime for me, experimenting with my oil paints, frustrating at times, but a wonderful freedom to explore!

Over the years so many of my works now hang in friends homes, as we were transferred to many new cities in Canada.

Today I live with my daughter and my son in law on a lovely ranch looking at the Porcupine Hills in Southern Alberta. I marvel each day at the beauty surrounding me.

Painting is still a passion, which shows how blessed I am to be able to enjoy my passion even at 87.

I hope those who used to paint, but haven’t for years… get back to their easels and find your never too old to use a ‘God given’ talent again.