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Welcome - My name is Shirley Kinneberg.

I grew up on a farm in the middle of the prairies near Moosejaw, Saskatchewan and as a country girl I treasure the fact that the wide open land with the large vast skies was my upbringing.

I like many artists have this passion that illuminates from the deepest part of my soul and to create realistically in bold acrylic colours is what I thrive to accomplish.

Have you ever stopped on the side of the road to let your eyes absorb the brilliant colors of the sinking sunset or walked a snowy corridor of purple and blue across a shadowed path, how about absorbing every explosive colour on a warm fall afternoon.

I especially like the way the sun casts its light across nature’s elements exposing a dynamic indifference to reality.

Have you ever met such an interesting individual whom you cannot forget and the need to paint them absorbs your soul until portraying that feeling on canvas without stopping until complete.

To learn or paint as much as you can to the point where you look at the clock and realize you should have been in bed hours ago.

How about teaching your art techniques to an eager group of students and watch their smiling expressions as if they have just learned magic with a pencil or brush and better yet watch them proudly take their masterpieces home.

The Feeling of gratitude after donating or gifting one of your prize art creations and knowing that this piece has found an admiration to others within its new home.

An accomplishment when receiving various awards and recognition along with article write ups for your hard work and knowing deep in your heart this is truly satisfaction.

This is me and where my journey and inspiration comes from and I am happy to share to all.