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"I am a long time nearly invisible Yukon artist who works in many mediums and styles, with a focus on oil and graphite portraiture especially, taking my first commissions in the later eighties.  I was an executive member of the arts community for a time in my twenties but eventually left without looking back, for their social politics and indiscretion. Walking away from that scene was the best thing I ever did. I have never compromised quality for quantity or taste for what is popularly trending. I make money from art yet without losing my creative soul. I have never taken any art lessons though I do not doubt it might have slowed me down some. Obviously my first artistic passion is people and my second is wildlife which I am doing more of lately, along with Yukon and Mediterranean landscapes...expressing my two favorite places in the world.  When I am not painting, I am writing songs and producing music for international radio.

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