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I fell in love with coloured pencils in 2003.  My father was very sick and I spent many hours beside his bed.  It became a way to calm myself and my Dad.  I had always wanted to get into art of some kind however for much of my early years I was more interested in physical activities, working within the nonprofit literacy world and raising a family.  I found a wonderful teacher (Dee Poisson who is also featured on Art in Canada website) and her way of teaching resonated with me.  I have raised my children and retired from my non profit position. My new job is having fun and and learning through creativity.  Recently I have taken up acrylic painting and love the difference between the two mediums.

I love to provide physical mementos for those wishing to remember their loving ones such as their pets, their child or grandchild's early years. I also have helped people create memories, through my visual art of special memory places, such as the old homestead or that quiet place by the cabin.  It would give me great pleasure to work with you on creating your special memories.   If you are interested contact me for price and process.

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My work can also be found at Highwood Gallery and Gifts

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