Sueda Akkor

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“Art is food for the soul”: art to create feeling, thought and reflection..

My ‘Journey in Art’ started on the west coast in B.C. I lived  in Vancouver  and, while pursuing a career in health care, took art courses at Emily Carr School of Fine Arts and started creating. What started as a hobby became a passion.

With my move to Niagara in 2013 ,and more free time, I studied painting and art history at Brock University.  This was so enjoyable and I was inspired by my creative, and younger, classmates.

Photos during various travels and local walks inspire me and I use colours to capture  and express the joy and mystery of -—my journey in Art.

I have shown work in Vancouver and continue to show at different venues in Niagara.  My paintings can be found at ArtSpace 106 Gallery in Niagara-on-the -Lake.