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Svala Dunn was the artist who captured the bridge in its glory days, when it provided a vital link for the Royal Canadian Air Force to ship in personnel, fuel and vital supplies to CFB Cold Lake.

In addition to a train crossing the bridge, the picture also shows a CF-100 flying by. The aircraft was the one of the first planes to fly at the base.

Dunn said she has painted the bridge on small canvasses and always wanted to "paint it big." She said the museum initiative was an ideal chance to capture the historical bridge.

"I love that spot," Dunn said. "I always wanted to paint it with the train coming across and this is the perfect opportunity."

Dunn uses acrylic paint for her work. She said the trestle bridge took about 55 hours to complete.

She hopes the mural will inspire museum patrons to take the time and visit the bridge, which is now used as part of the Iron Horse Trail.

"Most people haven't seen it or don't know it exists," she said. "It's a fantastic sight."