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Artist Teresa McCallum was born and raised in West Vancouver, BC and lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband, two daughters and niece. She works in the fascinating field of forensic psychiatry and loves working with vulnerable populations. Teresa has always been interested and involved in art and writing; she has done numerous commercial art assignments and dabbled in various mediums over the years.

She was inspired to return to her artwork after watching her daughters develop their artistic potential. Teresa’s business minded husband is very involved and supportive of her craft.

Pen and ink were her main interest until she took a course in acrylics and her passion blossomed. Teresa uses a unique blend of charcoal with layers and layers of lively colorful acrylic glazes and washes to produce the world she sees or dreams of seeing. Teresa appreciates the look of brush strokes and she experiments with various brush techniques to add to the interest and depth of her paintings.

Teresa has studied the work of numerous artists and especially loves the work of Vincent Van Gogh. Teresa not only enjoys creating art; she and her husband enjoy collecting the artwork of talented Calgary and Vancouver artists. Teresa takes courses continuously and plans to keep learning to hone her skills. Teresa appreciates many kinds of artwork but is especially enamored by bright, bold colors and lines; there is a whimsical, youthfulness to her creative expression.

Most of Teresa’s works are based on reality, but usually have an extra zing of color or emboldened clean lines. She is inspired by her love of the outdoors, travel, and walks with her puppy, Luna. This past year, Teresa has found inspiration from water and skies and has a new gallery of abstract paintings based on oceans, rain, sunsets and sunrises.

Teresa appreciates her good fortune in life and she endeavors to use her skills to help support worthwhile causes, such as Helping Families Handle Cancer.