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Iam a very proud Canadian, who is blessed to live, 

within steps of Lake Simcoe, Jackson's Point Ontario. 

 I was very interested in art most of my life, and  began painting at

the age of 14!

I studied Design Arts at Georgian College, also attended

Prime Tech Institute /computer graphics. 

I was employed for several years as a silk screen printer. 

I later began airbrushing T shirts on a part time basis, and had allot of fun doing so. 

 I also was a CDA (Certified Dental Assistant) for several Dentists in the GTA. 

  I was then introduced to the world of finance, and worked as a Financial Client assistant, for another decade. 

 Iam retired now, and have picked up my brushes again, and am producing many new works. 

I enjoy nature, and love my home here on the shores of Lake Simcoe. 

I was recently selected as one of the artists for our Banner Program in Georgina. The banners will adorn the Streets of our community from May to September. 

I do hope you enjoy my artwork, and I am so glad to participate in this group Art in Canada.