Yanina Eberhard

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            Yanina Eberhard is a self-taught Argentine-Canadian Artist, living in Canada since 2005.  

Inspired mostly by nature, her paintings have a strong sense of space between the viewer and the point of interest. This approach gives the message of respect or admiration for the place. But there is something else, sometimes is wonder, others is mystery, she is more after the mood than the complete rendering of the image.

 In 2018 she began selling her paintings at shows and online with good reception. She is now an active member of many prestigious art organizations like the Leighton Art Center, The Federation of Canadian Artists, The Calgary Sketch Club and The Calgary Creative Arts Guild. She won several awards for her art, the most recent been the Margaret Shelton Juror’s Choice 2021. Her participation in art shows, volunteering commitments and the fact that she paints every day, speak of a very committed artist.  Her art can be found in collections in Canada, the USA, Argentina, England and Scotland. 

As an emerging artist, her art career is full of possibilities. However, she is certain she will continue to improve her art language for as long as she lives.