Art Chatter

Art Chatter

Marc Dmytryshyn - Artwork Immensity

Marc Dmytryshyn Quebec Artist

Marc Dmytryshyn is a Quebec artist, and has had a life long interest in art. Marc works in several art disciplines from abstract to realism, each piece of art telling a story or reflecting on his own personal memories and moments in his own journey. For Marc, the success of a painting is the level […]

Aboriginal Artist Josh Kolay - Teepees in Winter Night

Aboriginal Artist Josh Kolay

Josh Kolay – Welcome to Art In Canada Aboriginal artist Josh Kolay brings his deep historical and cultural relationship with nature and the land to life in his art work. Art in Canada is pleased to announce he has recently joined our website. We are proud to show his art in our online gallery. Josh […]

Michelle Pilon Art

Michelle Pilon Art

Michelle Pilon Art – Welcome to Art In Canada Michelle Pilon art has a very diversified subject interest and style. She uses pastel, acrylic or oil in creating realistic artwork.  Her subjects include equine art, landscape and wildlife art as well as pet portraits, people portraits and lifestyle art. Michelle’s attention to detail is evident […]

Myrle by Barbara Pickering

Barbara Pickering Art

Barbara Pickering Art Website and new member! Barbara has joined Art In Canada! Welcome! We are thrilled to have her art in our online art gallery! Barbara is a very diverse artist, painting a variety of subjects, from expressive faces and mood inspired seascapes and landscapes to social issues dealing with the human condition. Working […]

Canadian Art Marketing

CANADIAN ART MARKETING: creating opportunity and finding success in Canadian Art Marketing The planet is getting more crowded, the Internet can connect us to a worldwide art market. I used UBER instead of traditional cabs on a recent art trip,  and it was a great experience. The largest cab company owns no cabs (UBER), the largest film business […]

Western Canadian Artists

Canadian Western Artists

Canadian Western Artists through the eyes of our artists… Canadian Western Artists From the Wild West to the West Coast: Views on Western Canadian Art By Lynda Baxter Creator & Principal, Art In Canada Inc. Promoting artists online since 1999. Most of us have seen the Hollywood depictions of the Wild West, with gunslingers […]

Art Terms and Art Definitions

Art Terms and Art Definitions

Art Terms Art Definitions by Art In Canada Art terms art definitions by Art in Canada Inc.. If there are art terms and art definitions you’d like us to add, send them to us to make a better artist resource. Achromatic Black, white and greys. Artwork that is executed without colour. Acrylic Thicker and stronger […]

Artists on Art Marketing

Five Questions for Artists Art Marketing

Part 2 Five Questions for Artists Art Marketing B
y Art In Canada Inc. Contributor Brandy Saturley It’s December and I’m busy. Traditionally the holiday season for galleries and artists is a slower time, a time for small works sales in an effort to grab a piece of that season of gifting. It is a time […]

Bear Paintings - Diane Williams

Bear Paintings by Canadian Artist Diane Williams

Bear Paintings by Diane Williams Art In Canada – Curator’s Choice – Diane Williams Bear Paintings by Canadian Artist Diane Williams – The White Spirit Bear Bear paintings, such as the ‘White Spirit Bear’ which is Curator’s Choice for Art in Canada, was created by Millarville Alberta Artist Diane Williams. Along with her most recent […]

Jeanne d'Arc Gaudet Artist Custom Design Website

Do I need a New Website?

Need New website? Should I redesign my current website? By Lynda Baxter The short answer is likely, yes.. to either, and you have options. I spoke to an artist last week who mentioned it seemed every five years was good timing, for him, for a website redesign. His reason wasn’t just because it was time […]

Art Marketing Article by Brandy Saturley

Painting Composition - Painting by Jonn Einerssen

Painting Composition

Painting Composition Painting Composition can be defined as a means of selecting appropriate elements and arranging them within the picture space to communicate the artist’s ideas, and feelings effectively to the viewer. Placing elements you have selected within your painting is very important. Composition can create either a strong and interesting piece of work, or […]

Art Composition - Painting by Georgina Hunt

Art Composition Glossary of Terms

Art Composition Glossary of Terms Art composition glossary of terms goes with the blog titled Art Composition that can be found on the Art In Canada blog Art Chatter. Picture Area: This is the flat surface within the borders of your picture, in which you draw or paint. You control the picture area much in […]

Landscape Paintings Holly Dyrland Alberta Artist

Landscape Paintings

Landscape Paintings Landscape paintings of nature, big skies, open prairies and mountain scenes, offer the artists unlimited resources for pictures. Nature can be a valuable and inspiring aid in teaching, and stretching the artists imagination to new levels. Nature supplies the artist with a variety of forms, texture, colour, and mood. The artist never has […]