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Canadian Artist Diane Williams

Canadian Artist Diane Williams

Lusitano Classico, Marialva by Canadian Artist Diane Williams. ALL THE COLORFUL HORSES The flowing, graceful lines of Alberta artist Diane Williams’ equine paintings belie an underlying power. The colors seem to dance across the canvas and her horses vibrate with a regal majesty. Williams, who has had a life-long love of horses, uses her brush […]

Gordie by Robert Lemay

Alberta Artists From Pop-Culture Portraits to Mixed-Media Narratives

Talking to Alberta Artists for Canada150 – Part 4 From Pop-Culture Portraits to Mixed-Media Narratives, Behind the Art By Brandy Saturley AIC Contributing Author From Pop-Culture inspired portraits to mixed-media narratives, four Alberta Artists to appreciate. For Part 4 of this series I have chosen an eclectic group of figurative artists. From Robert Lemay’s meticulously […]

Three Alberta Artists - Dots, Watercolour on Paper, 20" x 20" Brittney Tough 2017

Women Artists -Art by Janice Tanton

Alberta Artists Canada 150 Chris Cran Calgary Artist

Alberta Artists for Canada150 Part 1

Alberta Artists for Canada150 Part 1 by Brandy Saturley Talking to 15 Alberta Artists for Canada150 – Part 1: The Iconic Calgary Based Artist, Chris Cran Over the past decade working as a visual artist in Canada, I have had the privilege and honour to speak with a diverse range of artists and gallery owners […]

Canadian Art Marketing

CANADIAN ART MARKETING: creating opportunity and finding success in Canadian Art Marketing The planet is getting more crowded, the Internet can connect us to a worldwide art market. I used UBER instead of traditional cabs on a recent art trip,  and it was a great experience. The largest cab company owns no cabs (UBER), the largest film business […]

Artists on Art Marketing

Five Questions for Artists Art Marketing

Part 2 Five Questions for Artists Art Marketing B
y Art In Canada Inc. Contributor Brandy Saturley It’s December and I’m busy. Traditionally the holiday season for galleries and artists is a slower time, a time for small works sales in an effort to grab a piece of that season of gifting. It is a time […]

Art Marketing Article by Brandy Saturley