Canadian Artists Contact Form - Painting by Andrew Kiss


Canadian Artists Contact Form – Art by Andrew Kiss

Canadians artists marketing with Canadian Artists online!

Whether you’re an established professional Canadian artist looking for a great marketing tool to help drive more traffic to your existing artist website, or you want to use your artists gallery homepage as your website, you are at the right spot! Read TESTIMONIALS from artists we have worked with!

We’ve been helping Canadian artists online since 1999, and have a host of main page advertising for artists. You can advertise on the sliding header with your latest creation, link your website by way of the rotating graphics on the right side bar, or do a full artists interview to become a Verified Artist on Art In Canada.

We think you’ll find what you need here and at a great price! Our goal is to help you sell your art, and we never take any commission from any work that is sold as a result of your presence on this site.

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