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Natures Balance

30h x 15w
Price: $4900
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This beautiful one of a kind, signed carving, depicts North America's wildlife and it's necessary relationship between carnivore and herbivore.

Included in the piece are; (carnivore)cougar, wolf( with glass eyes), coyote, grizzly bear and cubs, and (herbivore), moose, Whitetail deer and fawn, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, elk and caribou. On the spikes, some of our birds are represented like; eagle, raven, great horned owl, hawk, heron and dove with nesting young. Even a squirrel. Both sides are connected with Canada's mascot, the BEAVER which rests upon a maple leaf. I have created this "Circle of Life" portrait in honor of everything that we stand to lose.


Kamloops, British Columbia
Canada, V2C 5C1

Phone Number: (778) 220-7011