Diana Mary Templeton DISORTION # 1

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20h x 16w
Price: $350
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Distortion #1 is the painting where I first discovered the beauty of distorted windows.  I was so excited and could not believe what I saw. These windows were a copper tone and the sunlight reflection on them plus the distorted image was a sight to behold.   This was a game changer in my art and the beginning of my "URBAN IMAGES OUTSIDE THE BOX"  Series.  I painted the windows a soft golden copper shade and the building  distorted images were in a rusty orange. The trees are an incredible addition as the large one is featured outside the window and adds a unique artistic formula.  I discovered later that these reflective buildings were 3 blocks away.

Edmonton, Alberta
Canada, T6H 4Y7

Phone Number: (780) 430-6356