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23h x 23w
Price: $1150
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This watercolour painting  is REFRACTURED IMAGE #3 in my Series of "URBAN IMAGES OUTSIDE THE BOX". It is painted on 300 lb  watercolour paper and is beautifully framed.    The refractured  images are the distorted reflections of the Bell Tower on the HSBC building across the street.  I love painting Cityscapes but I wanted something more than just buildings.  I discovered the distorted window reflections  on the downtown buildings and I was filled  with a burning desire to explore the possibilities of this state the art reflective image.  This idea and concept filled my passion as I proceeded on this new and exciting adventure into my interpretation of this subject.   I am a very detail person and I spent 80 hours on each of these paintings  creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

These Urban Images are very unique and different and the perfect complement to the "Uptown Girl" in me. 

Edmonton, Alberta
Canada, T6H 4Y7

Phone Number: (780) 430-6356