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Bearing Pendant

10h x 50w
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Pausing to tie my bootlace on Burrard Street, right outside St. Paul's hospital.

in Vancouver recently, I spotted this old skate bearing sticking out the dirt.

I wire brushed off the loose rust & dirt and that was the start of this piece.

Other materials used include part of an old road sign, part of an old copper dish and stainless steel rivets made from egg whisk wires.

The tiny bush (3mm x 1.5mm) rivetted onto the backplate to protect it where the hoop

goes through was machined down from fine stainless steel tube on the Watchmaker's lathe.

See the whole story here - http://www.edeatonart.com/2015_Bearing.html

Website: http://www.edeatonart.com

Summerland, British Columbia

Phone Number: (250) 494-9194