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Angus prints available

16h x 20w
Private Collection
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Prints are available for $400 at approximately the same size as the original oil painting.

"Angus" is a portrait of a personal friend and past Chief of Georgina Island First Nation who knew my husband's great grandfather, grandfather, and father. Upon meeting my husband when Brian was a York Regional Policer when the youngest of our six children was one year old,  Angus invited Brian to work as a Police Officer on the First Nation. Angus gave Brian a professional photographed portrait of himself in his headdress. When Brian brought the photo home, although I had yet to meet Angus, I was immediately captivated by his presence in the photo. A few days later, I had a dream and awoke the next morning eager to paint Angus' portrait! My friend had been to Alaska and had given me photos of an eagle that played and swooped around her as she paddled her kayak. Her photos were the wildlife reference I used to help get the imagery correct that I had dreamed about. In our beautiful North American continent, Canada and the United States have done well nurturing the bald eagle and its habitat. The imagery I dreamed was so compelling in that it portrays courage, strength, and the prayer that our First Nations will be afforded the same treatment.

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