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Badges of Honour

24h x 18w
Price: $200
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'Badges of Honour' is a concept I first created in honour of my husband's service in York Regional Police (YRP) in Ontario. I wanted to create an image that would appeal to all officers, regardless of size, age, gender, or ethnicity. I currently offer prints of YRP, Toronto, Durham, Peel, Niagara, London, Chatham-Kent, Windsor, and Ottawa Police Services as well as several other police services. An original commissioned oil painting of this size I sell for $2,900. The prints are close to the original painting's size and I sell them for $200.

In the York and Durham paintins I have all the ghostly images of the other services that amalgamated together to become the current police services. On the print I am able to add a police officer's badge number directly on the hat badge and the epaulette in permanent ink or paint, making the print a very personalized original work of art. Shipping and handling costs $50 in addition. 

Commissions of emergency services are welcomed!

Website: www.ellencowie.com

Peterborough, Ontario
Canada, K9J 6R2

Phone Number: (705) 930-8871