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La Belle Ciel

48h x 60w
Price: $12000
Not Framed
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La Belle Ciel is a portrait of recently retired Alberta Ballet dancer Skye Balfour-Ducharme and is an exciting addition to a new series of dance paintings inspired by my morning class drawing sessions. I love arriving at morning class early. It gives me the opportunity to slowly set up my easel and, at the same time, to take in the atmosphere around me. The dancers are going through their morning routines and stretches, there’s quiet conversations around the room and it’s very calming. One morning I looked up and Skye was taking a short rest between stretches. The subtle energy and gentle movement of her pose seemed to reflect the whole atmosphere of the room. Calm and peaceful. La Belle Ciel is a study, not only of a beautiful and accomplished dancer, but of the quiet energy and subtle quality of motion of a dancer at rest.

Website: gordonmilneart.com

Turner Valley, Alberta
Canada, T0L 2A0