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12h x 18w
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We’re watching them slip away. Every 13 minutes an elephant is illegally killed for it’s tusks – over 100 individuals die per day. At this rate, elephants in the wild have barely 5 – 10 years before they will be completely gone.

With this bronze I show an elephant family coming across the skeletal remains of a poached elephant. I wanted to depict the reactions of each of these beautiful, sensitive, and intelligent animals. The curious sub-adult’s trunk reaches out, gently touching, smelling, reading the story of the skull and bones strewn across the bushveld. The adult cow knows what’s going on. She’s seen the violent death of others too many times. Her ears spread wide; she lifts her trunk nervously, testing the air for any trace of poachers. The big bull is immediately agitated. Helplessness, fear and rage pump through his veins. He spins around with the agility and speed that defies his size – ready to fight and protect.

The vulnerability of every elephant, regardless of its size is displayed by the young calf’s response. Walking almost under its mother for protection, it is temporarily knocked off balance by the bull’s reaction. Suddenly startled and confused by the commotion and the huge white skull that is almost as big as he is, he pulls up short – all ears and feet and trunk.

When I was at Tashinga in Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe last year we came across 4 poached elephants in one day! The rate of poaching has increased significantly since then – two per week in Matusadona and four per day in Mana Pools.

As with the black rhino,  “When All Else Fails Fight Back!”, all of the proceeds of this limited edition bronze Conservation Piece will be donated to The Tashinga Initiative in Zimbabwe to help with the funding and protection of elephants in the Zambezi Valley.

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Cochrane, Alberta